Wednesday, November 10, 2010


After the Diwali festival, we walked around Kevin's old neighborhood, saw the apartment building he lived in as a very little kid, and his elementary/middle school. And we discovered that the very last Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor is still going strong in the neighborhood.

When I was a kid, every graduation was celebrated with an enormous ice cream concoction at the Brooklyn Jahn's on 86th Street... I'm sad most of them are gone, but grateful Mikro got to experience the place that brought me so much childhood fun. I only wish they had had something non-dairy on the menu that he might have been able to eat. He said he didn't mind if Kev and I indulged (and I think he was curious to see what the stuff looked like), so Kev and I split a banana split.

I promised Mikro his first ever dairy free, allergy safe Sundae on Sunday at home the following day. He had a coconut milk ice cream sundae with slivered almonds, non-dairy chocolate syrup, ricemellow creme (in lieu of whipped cream), and a dash of red sugar crystals, which he thoroughly enjoyed! He is angling for Sundaes on Sunday to become a regular thing here...

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