Friday, March 11, 2011

Catch-Up Post

Tuesday: Into NYC we go for Native American Architecture class with the homeschool group. The kids worked on their wigwam models, installing a fire pit, finishing up the framing, and starting to install the bark covering. After class, we had some park time with friends. Rushed home so I could make it to the first session of Adult Ed Pottery here in the village. This is my attempt to exercise my rusty art muscles. Started a coil built pot.

Wednesday: Library Day. Read a bunch of books there, borrowed an obscene number...

Thursday: Worked on the pile of library books. Made good progress early, but then the day devolved into *one of those spectacularly ugly home ed days full of surly adolescent attitude*, which seem to pop up every 3-4 months around here. I wonder if this was a case of early spring fever or something, though it was rainy and grey. Yesterday was all about being stubborn, avoiding work, acting helpless, and driving mom bonkers. He wouldn't even read the fun stuff without drama. After a period of sulking, he decided he wanted to learn after all, and flew through a bunch of Japanese folktales, some math, and an architecture book. We did some bird watching for Project Feeder Watch. Then he worked in his sketchbook, and came up with a concept for this week's Illustration Friday challenge: Warning. (Heh, Maybe mine should be: Warning: Bad Attitude Will Get You Sent to School If You Don't Watch Out... I am not above using the threat! The boy knows the boredom would be toxic.) And then we had wind-induced power outages (This is what we get for living in a "Tree City" with overhead powerlines. Too typical in March...), and sat around in the dark with our battery operated camping lanterns telling stories and reading by flashlight.

Friday: Mikro has painted his Illustration Friday piece, which I'll photograph and post later (after I come up with something myself...) And he's back at the stack of library books. We'll be heading back there to drop off the ones we've finished and pick up a couple more that have come in...

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