Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Holi!

We've been studying Ancient India, and decided to celebrate Holi, a holiday that commemorates the triumph of good over evil and marks the beginning of spring. We had fun with the traditional throwing of the colors.

To learn more about Holi, Mikro recommends;

I am cooking up vegetable pakora and making thandi, and we are watching some videos about India.

Edited to add: Yum!!!!

And again to link to this cool slideshow of Holi celebration images from around NYC and the world.


Anet said...

I love this! What a colorful celebration.
It's so fun to learn about other cultures:)

Jessica said...

The throwing of colour looks like so much fun, what did you guys use as throwing medium?Its good to be able to get in and explore other cultures, and delve into the food and customs as well.You guys look like you really enjoyed it:)

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I love it!

Indian food is one of my favs.