Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mikro Bday Goodness

I woke up my birthday boy with a song (the obvious), but I made him wait upstairs while I wrapped the last gifts, even though we were waiting till Dad came home to open them. Found the missing How to Draw Dragons book, and just gave it to him. He was inspired and started drawing. Amazing breakthrough. He did a great job!

Quote: "On this drawing, I left my comfort zone. And it worked!"

We spent most of the day in the yard making pottery. I made a cylinder with impressed fossil plates. He made fossil ornaments. I made an owl wall plaque and suggested he try as well. My huge owl is "Athena." His mini is "Curiosity". My other 2 are now dubbed Wisdom and Knowledge. Kev told me to look up Odin's ravens, who are Thought and Memory. Similar ideas.

Anyway, we finally picked up Kev, and then the party started. Mikro opened his gifts and we had cake. Then we had dinner. He enjoyed having dessert first. Afterwards, Mikro watched Survivor, read from his prehistoric life field guide, then watched some of Sons of Guns while playing with his Perplexus Epic, one of his favorite gifts. Then he watched Monster Man, got measured on the growth chart wall, and he's now headed to bed. He says he had a great birthday. He seems to love his science books more than most of the games and toys. Well, except for Perplexus. He is obsessed with that thing.

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