Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

Top of the list has to be the wonderful spring weather! Sun! Yes!

Yesterday we went to the park and went beach combing after dropping off our quarterly homeschool paperwork at the school district. Mikro had a blast. His new thing (which he gets from his nutty artist mother...) is collecting pieces of driftwood that remind him of animals. Yesterday we decided to turn this obsession of ours into a piece of nature art, ala Andy Goldsworthy, and we made a blue heron out of driftwood and left it on the beach.

Among our Hudson River treasures was some charcoal from a bonfire on the beach. I told Mikro that we could use it to draw, and he went right to it. This is a mayfly:

And here is my portrait (no reference but the picture in my head) of Kev:

It was a gorgeous day, and we took a long birding walk. Saw American Kestrels, robins, house finch, tufted titmouse, and coolest, since it was new to us, a northern flicker. Also had fun watching the kite surfers.

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