Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whole Lotta Art-ing Goin' On

Mikro's birthday is approaching, and I am horrible about making him wait to open gifts. Especially when the gift pertains to something that he is passionately interested in. Right now, making art qualifies. So I couldn't resist gifting him with some acrylics, brushes, a pallete and canvas boards, even though his birthday isn't for a couple weeks yet. He decided he wanted to use the new colors to paint a dragon he made from a coffee cup and some paper mache, and I suggested we both recycle some cashew containers to make a handy little beach treasure box. He loved that idea, and went with the dragon theme again. I called his the Dragon Treasure Hoard Box. Mine has a river scene painted on it and is currently stuffed with sea glass and shells.

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Lisa said...

It is hard to wait, isn't it?? I love the red dragon in the last photo!

Have a great week