Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thursdays, and Friday, Back on Earth post-Enterprise...

On Thursdays, Mikro and I visit the library and then go out and have lunch out together.

Some Thursdays, we go out for coffee or dinner with Kev's best buddy (who is MIkro's godfather). This week, I was amused by the three older children playing with their toys together at the table, while the actual kid did word searches on his placemat. (Photo courtesy of Mikro.)

This is what usually happens when we go out: Would you like some clown with your coffee?

Friday was a jam packed day: First we saw the shuttle, then we went out to Long Island Museum of Science for Mikro's science class, which focused on invasive species this week. While the kids are in class, we parents chat, or take a nature walk. The grounds are beautiful in any season. This week I saw Italian Wall Lizards basking, robins mating, and lots of gorgeous spring flowers.

After science, we rushed home for a program at our local library with Animal Embassy. Mikro got to hold an African Bull Frog, and we saw lots of other exotic animals.

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