Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Fun

Mikro has been begging me to let him make something with clay. Today, he had fun sculpting a cobra, a mongoose, a cat and a weird alien. I worked on a bas relief of a mandolin and a recorder. The neighbor kids are off school this week, so a large part of today was spent playing outside with a friend. He read some economics, which is our new unit study, and watched a science video. He's bouncing off the walls because tomorrow he gets to visit Gramma & Grampa.

Yesterday, we stopped at the library and then went to the park for a day on the playground. Mikro played tag, climbed trees and had a blast. I spent my time playing with my camera and photographing the spring sights... Later on, we ended up at the Boat Launch, waiting to pick up Kev from the train. We saw black swans, cormorants, sea gulls, ravens, and, best of all, a bald eagle diving for fish. Of course, by then I had killed the camera batteries...

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