Monday, October 11, 2010

Homeschooling on Croton (River that is...)

We took a test run in my birthday present! We were not brave enough to try it out on the Hudson, though. We picked the relatively calm Croton River, instead.

Here's Kevin figuring out how to inflate our Sea Eagle Kayak, and getting it ready for its maiden voyage, and Mikro posing in it:

And this is all I could get, photo-wise, with my cheap underwater camera (I was not willing to risk my good camera!), which doesn't exactly have a wide angle lens. Looking forward, we have the top of Mikro's hat and Kevin's back. To the side, there's the water. Mikro was sitting in the bottom of the boat, basically between my legs, with his feet up on the gunnels. Kev had the front seat, and I was in the stern, mostly helping steer, and paddling as much as I could, which was not full time. Yeah, it hurts. A gimpy old arthritic woman with a crunched spine probably has no business even attempting this. Kevin had to practically lift me out of the kayak, I was locked up so bad. I am paying for it in pain and lost mobility... BUT... I had a great time being on the water, and I'll do it again! (Definitely not when we have to be somewhere the next day...)

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