Monday, October 11, 2010

Linky Love: Some random learning links ( with lots of dino stuff)


Celebrate Math Holidays (and listen to Monty Python's Galaxy Song...)

Instacalc looks like it might be amusing to play with.

Make math worksheets

Random numbers


Read what kids are thinking at the NY Times' Student Opinion page

Recently, the Times had this to say about this project:
One thing that’s surprised us is the number of posts we receive from students on holidays, over weekends, and late at night — comments that seem not to be written because a teacher assigned them, but because the student has something to say. We’ve been impressed by the homeschooled community, in particular, since quite a few of the articulate kids who post at these times identify themselves as part of it. Read more here.


Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children

A quote: Parents have begun pressing their kindergartners and first graders to leave the picture book behind and move on to more text-heavy chapter books. Publishers cite pressures from parents who are mindful of increasingly rigorous standardized testing in schools.
“Parents are saying, ‘My kid doesn’t need books with pictures anymore,’ ” said Justin Chanda, the publisher of Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. “There’s a real push with parents and schools to have kids start reading big-kid books earlier. We’ve accelerated the graduation rate out of picture books.”

Booksellers see this shift too.

“They’re 4 years old, and their parents are getting them ‘Stuart Little,’ ” said Dara La Porte, the manager of the children’s department at the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington. “I see children pick up picture books, and then the parents say, ‘You can do better than this, you can do more than this.’ It’s a terrible pressure parents are feeling — that somehow, I shouldn’t let my child have this picture book because she won’t get into Harvard.”

The article has generated controversy because one parent quoted in it, who is portrayed as extremely pushy, has stated that the quote was taken completely out of context.

Dinosaur related:

When T Rex Became Tryrannical

Milky Way panoramic image

Eye position and numbers

Fanged venomous raptor discovered.

T Rex's little cousin

Dinosaur with red tail

New Tyrannosaur species

Dino relative

Velociraptor's cousin

Dwarf Dino from Transylvania

India's Jurassic Park

Horned dinosaur

Kickboxing raptor

Humped Dino

Dino discoveries

More dino discoveries

Striped dinosaur

New long necked dino

Dino skin impressions

Long horned dino

Terror birds


Do cricket moms pass on predation knowledge in the absence of maternal care>

Buzz Aldrin raps.

Habitable planet?

See the ISS and/or Space Shuttle fly overhead (Link takes you to NY info, but you can click around from there to find info for any area.

Mannahatta curriculum

Music as a CPR tool.

Some of this stuff is brand new, some a bit old, all interesting, IMHO...

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