Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Learning About China and the Ancient Near East at the Met

What we did on:

Rode into the city and took Mikro to a workshop on cuneiform at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We were a couple of minutes late for the 3:00 workshop, so they recommended we wait for the 3:30. In the meantime, we did a scavenger hunt, looking for the animals listed on the worksheet in the Near East galleries. At 3:30, no one else had arrived, so Mikro got a private lesson and tour! Mikro's favorite part was learning about the intricately carved cylinders that were used as personal seals. He also learned to distinguish gods from kings in the wall reliefs by whether their crowns had horns (gods) or not (kings). Our educator was wonderful! Mikro was totally engaged and interested. We will definitely be doing more of these programs!

Afterwards, we saw the special exhibit on Kubilai Khan and the Art of China. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed... Mikro's favorite pieces there were a long scroll called "Benevolent Rains", which depicted the myth of the Four Dragons who saved the people from drought and became the spirits of China's four great rivers, a myth that Mikro loves, and a wooden statue of a Buddhist arhat (luohan).

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