Friday, October 22, 2010

Tuesday Science, Wednesday Hiking, Thursday Yard School, Friday Science

Our week in review:

Monday was all about reading library books that were soon to be overdue, and watching a movie related to our new history focus, Ancient India. Mikro really enjoyed Hanuman. Note: It is in Hindi with English subtitles, so best for kids who read fluently or have parents patient enough to read aloud all the subtitles in a full length movie. I am thankful that Mikro could read them on his own!

Science on Tuesday was about "Earth Awareness." The kids learned about pollution and built filtration systems to try to remove "pollutants" from "lake water." (The pollutants were things like styrofoam bits, salt and molasses.)

On Wednesday, Mikro's "Aunt Becca" dropped by to see if we were up for a hike. We were (although my arthritis is in a pretty bad flare... the damp needs to go...) So we joined her and her Yorkie on a leaf peeping hike on the Old Croton Aqueduct. It was so beautiful there. A lot more leaves are changing now than the last time we were up there.

Thursday was yard schooling, building things with K'nex, and errands... (The photos may be from Wednesday evening, but Thursday was more of the same...)

And today was Science at SMLI, which was a second session on paleontology. Mikro had fun and made a "fossil" of a trilobite. The museum was decorated for Halloween!

On the walk back to the train, we saw sea gulls, an egret, and a small bird (a warbler of some kind?) Gotta figure out where I stashed the bird guide...

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