Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hudson River Landscapes at Beczak

Today Mikro painted Hudson River landscapes at Beczak Environmental Education Center. First the kids did an acrostic for HUDSOn, looked at Hudson River School paintings, and then went outside and sketched the Hudson. They came back in and painted the river, either from memory, or using their sketch for reference. In Mikro's versions, the yellow stuff is marsh grass, and the black stuff is the Pallisades cliffs across the river from Beczak.

Here's what it actually looks like across from Beczak:

And here's my attempt at drawing a tugboat. I took artistic liberties and set it further up river, nearer where we live.

Here are some links for Hudson River School activities:

Lesson Plans & Activities

Art, Artists and Nature: The Hudson River School: Activities

On the way down, we saw a bald eagle flying over the river. I snapped a shot, but it is pretty far in the distance... Click to enlarge...


FairyLover said...

We did this program last week. I didn't know they were having it again today. Miss you guys.


Chele said...

Oh, I'm sorry we missed you! They are doing the same thing for a couple of programs (2 weekends), and I think we are signed up for the second week for everything. We miss you guys, too!