Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Musicals, Money, Marmota monax and Muck

Today we saw the musical "The Mystery of King Tut" at The Town Hall in NYC with our homeschool group. Tut was an extremely likeable and sympathetic character, and Mikro cried over his death. He enjoyed the show, but it reduced him to a puddle. On a happier note, we got to see friends we haven't seen since the weather decided to punish us and turn us into hermits, and Mikro was ecstatic to see his best buddy.

Afterwards, we braved the snow and rain and disgusting muck (which Mikro calls "Ucky Slush", just like I used to as a kid...) and trekked to Queens to return horribly overdue library books. The fines were painful. My wallet is considerably lighter. And I still have another pile ticking up fines sitting here as I type... Different library system, though. We stayed at the library and read for a few hours, till it was time to meet Kev and travel home together. (Thanks, dear, for digging my car out for me!)

Getting into the driveway was a comedy of errors and took me about 6 tries, because the car kept sticking on a high plateau of as yet unshovelled snow left by the plows. It's like trying to thread the Titanic through the icebergs. There are massive mountains of snow (much higher than me sitting in the car) flanking the thin car-shaped trench that now passes for my driveway. I have maybe 4 inches clearance on each side of the car most of the way in, so lining it up right is mandatory. Today's parking job was failure to an epic degree, but I eventually got it right. Tomorrow we're supposed to be running around again, but I think I'm gonna take a cab to the train and spare myself the driveway drama...

Our 20 year old snow shovel finally gave up the ghost. Kev is stuck struggling with a garden shovel till we can find a replacement. I think I've had enough snow now, thanks. Ready for spring, whatever the groundhogs see or don't see tomorrow!

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