Thursday, February 17, 2011

Illustration Friday: Sweater

Mikro is making huge strides in the fine motor department. He is enjoying drawing for the first time in his life, so much so that he begged me for a sketchbook of his own (which, of course, I gave him), and wants desperately to participate in Illustration Friday.

This week's theme is: Sweater. Here are our takes on the subject:

Mikro's IF piece is a cat and a dog wearing sweaters while hiking on a mountain in the rain... Pencil sketch and watercolors.

Mine is a quick sketch with Pitt Pens of a scottie dog wearing a sweater... I've been missing my sweet Piper dog, who was the only dog I've ever had with the patience for dress-up. She used to really enjoy strutting around in a T shirt, or a halloween costume (or, at least, she ate up the attention it got her!)

I'm really happy Mikro wants to make IF a regular part of our week! I'm finally getting to share my love of making art with my son!


Barbara Hagerty said...

Adorable! Both yours and Mikro's

Anet said...

Aww.. these are just great!
It will be fun to see Mikro's creations. Keep them coming!