Thursday, February 3, 2011


Between the cold and damp and having to maneuver the rolling bag of library books around the lakes of slush and mountains of snow the other day, I am in bad shape. Yesterday, I had to ask Kev to help pull my jeans off, because I couldn't bend down to get them off my feet without screaming and being unable to stand up. Today, I had to ask Mikro to help me pull my pants up after using the bathroom. That is humiliating and makes me feel old. Cleaning myself up first was pure agony. And this is with a pain patch on... Getting out of bed was a delight too, involving rolling off onto my knees and climbing up from there. We won't even mention the stupid cervical radiculopathy and the fact that I think taking my hand off with a chainsaw might actually hurt less. (Guess I just did, though.) I've got sciatica down both legs, and toes on one foot that feel like they've been set on fire, as well as the usual fun and games.

All in all, I think there are very few field trips in our immediate future. I hope I can make it to Eaglefest, but I'm not sure I'll be able to, and if I do grin and somehow bear it, I'm likely to be out of commission for awhile thereafter. This is really bad.

I hate giving in to my limitations. Kev says I am so stubborn I think I can bend reality to my will, but then I pay for it. Yeah, that probably is accurate.

At least Mikro is fairly independent, and I can ask him to read a library book, or do math on the computer by himself, while I attempt a recovery. I am not gonna win any awards for super mom this week.

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FairyLover said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly. I hope you get the chance to rest up for a few days and recuperate a bit.

Feel Better,