Friday, February 25, 2011

Illustration Friday: Layers (Late)

We were hoping to be done with our artwork for Illustration Friday in time to submit it before the new topic got posted, but I wound up having to deal with some heart-stopping stupidity by one of our banks, and it delayed us past the deadline... So I'm going to post what we have here. Neither of us was able to finish up as we had hoped to, and our glue resist projects are still in the early stages, waiting for the glue to dry so we can paint them or pastel them...

Anyway, here are the progress shots.


Mikro was inspired by his love of paleontology and our visit to the Explorations in Time website, and wanted to do something with different strata levels and fossils in the earth. He did a pencil sketch and then added watercolors.

I found a glue painting project for Luscious Landscape Layers on Crayola's website, which used a glue resist technique. I thought it would be fun, and suggested to Mikro that we both give it a go. Unfortunately, the glue is taking forever to dry... I used a little photo-editing magic to pop out the glue lines.

My Pitt Pen drawings were just concept sketches that I hoped I would have time to develop, but it didn't happen...

Hopefully we'll finish the glue resist this weekend, and do better next week!

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