Monday, February 14, 2011

Science Jackpot-- Extreme Linky Love

Today we have gorged ourselves on online science resources. I think Mikro probably enjoyed them more than the Pez valentine teddy bear candy dispenser and Transformers calendar that he got for Valentine's Day...

Here are some great places to spend some time:

Explorations Through Timefeatures prehistory, evolution, the geologic time scale, fossilization, and, of course, dinosaurs. We are in love!

The Science Spot is an amazing resource, with lesson plans and links for all sorts of science- chemistry, biology, physics, earth science, general science, astronomy, ecology, etc. Well worth a visit!

Supercharged Science is a large part of our science curriculum. Full of experiments and videos that show you how they are supposed to work, with supporting materials, all presented with passion and enthusiasm by Aurora Lipper. We love this program!

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