Thursday, June 2, 2011

Animals & Acrobats at Van Cortlandt Manor: Day 1

Memorial Day weekend in our area is marked by a fun family event at Historic Hudson Valley's Van Cortlandt Manor. Just as the name indicates, Animals & Acrobats features circus acts and animal encounters, in a recreation of an early American traveling circus. We try to go 2 or 3 days, because it is lots of fun!

Here are some photos from Day 1. We concentrated on the animals that day... There was 2 by 2 Zoo, Jennifer Pena's Flight of the Raptor, Wolf Conservation Society's ambassador wolf, Atka, and a chance to see a lion cub and a bear cub! We had never seen either before. (And there was plenty of wildlife around the wetlands picnic area.)

Animals from 2 by 2 Zoo: black and white ruffed lemur, ring-tailed lemurs, red ruffed lemur, alligator, bunnies, and lots more!

Atka the wolf:

Black Bear cub and lion cub:

Flight of the Raptor: featuring Harris Hawks, a Gyr/Saker Falcon, and a Eurasian Eagle Owl. Mikro was thrilled that Jennifer picked him to "be the rabbit" and run with the lure for Isabo to catch!

More fun around the manor grounds:

Wetlands wildlife:

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