Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to the Beach

Mikro was in the water before Kev and I had time to set up the beach chairs. He's a happy little fish. We have swim lessons at the end of July to look forward to, and a long summer of peaceful, quiet beach days. Put me near water and I am content. Mikro definitely inheritted the river loving gene from his mama.

He has announced that when he's a teenager, he wants to be a lifeguard. I'm using that to try to inspire him to really work on his strokes (he's a powerful but sloppy swimmer) this summer... And he's already pitching in and helping the lifeguards clean up at the end of the day...

We had some animal excitement the first day there. A gosling went over the dam, into the fiercely churning white water. It was fine, and was soon reunited with its parents. We also caught sight of a black crowned night heron, standing on the shore and watching the geese drama.

All's well that ends well...

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