Sunday, June 12, 2011

Poets House: Sea Tale with Richard Lewis

Mikro attended a wonderful children's program at Poets House with the always amazing Richard Lewis. The children talked with Richard about play and imagination, imagined what it would be like inside a cloud and acted it out, pretended to be fish, watched a performance of Richard's Sea Tale, in which a crab teaches the world how to play, and then made crab assemblages and wrote about what the crab might have been thinking. Mikro composed a very simple song. And mama wrote a poem (and made a crab). Adults were encouraged to play, too!

Here's my little poem:

A Crab's Thoughts:

The sand prickles, tickles,
As I crawl along the beach.
Seagulls serenade me,
And I think that I might teach
The world to sing and dance
To the rhythm of the waves.
You've got to take a chance.
Play is for the brave.
You change the world a little bit
With the pattern of your thoughts.
So grab a pencil in your claws.
There are no rules, no laws.
Just play with words and let them swim,
Prose or poem, at your whim.
Have some fun; don't overthink!
Be like the octopus; just sling some ink.

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