Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Touring the EPA's Oceanographic Survey Ship "Bold"

Last week, our homeschool group toured the Environmental Protection Agency's Oceanographic Survey Vessel Bold, while it was in NY. Huge thanks to the scientists and ship's crew, who put on one of the most well organized and informative ship's tours I've ever experienced (and we have done a of of them, over the years...)

First we visited the fantail, where the kids learned about the ship's scientific mission (monitoring the impact of human activity and natural phenomena on our oceans and coastal waters) and equipment for collecting sediment and water samples and images of the seafloor using camera sleds and side scanning sonar.

Next we saw the "wet lab" (where samples are prepared and packaged for further study in the main lab below deck,) and the dive locker, and learned about the diving paraphernalia. We went below and saw the galley, crew quarters, and sickbay.

Then we saw the main lab and the computer room.

Our tour concluded with a visit to the bridge, and a talk with the ship's captain.

We had a great time and learned a lot. And, as a bonus, Mikro got to see the famous "Little Red Lighthouse Under the Great Grey Bridge."

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