Friday, June 24, 2011

Canon Powershot Audio Issue Fix

If you have a Canon Powershot that saves videos in .MOV format, which replay on your computer with horrendous audio reminiscent of Alvin and the Chipmunks, I have a fix for you. Unfortunately, Canon does not acknowledge that this is an issue, and does not have an updated BIOS available for the camera that will solve it. But there is a free fix. It's annoying, because it puts the onus on the photographer to convert the files to .AVI (which Canon's earlier, problem free cameras used), but it works, and you get a video you can share online, or watch across platforms other than just Canon's proprietary Zoombrowser software or Quicktime...

CNET has a download of Pazera FREE MOV to AVI Converter, which does the job nicely. I set the output file format for WMV version 2 and left the audio at default, and it converted both audio and video perfectly.

Maybe Canon will listen to its users and fix this issue in the future, but until then, there is something that works. I've been a Canon user since the AE-1, and I have a 1N-RS pro camera (film) as well as a digital rebel and powershot. I would hate to have to jump ship after all these years, but telling people that its's all good if they can watch the video on Zoombrowser does not impress me with their concern for their customers' satisfaction...

I do not upgrade to a newer camera expecting to be told to accept lesser performance than I got from an earlier model. That is not how to keep my business.

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