Friday, March 19, 2010

Crazy Busy Week

Monday: Into the city for a play. Lots of fun on the playground with our homeschooled friends from HSNY afterwards.

Then home for bird watching and a nature hike at the local wetlands.

Tuesday: Science Class in Queens; math at the library. (See separate post below.)

Wednesday: Mom has a seminar with the NYS DEC on Project WET: aquatic education, at the Van Cortlandt Museum House in Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx. Mikro gets to play at the Adventure Playground in Central Park with Dad until mom's done.


A.M.: Homeschool Nature Class at the Croton Nature Center.

The kids learn about heat and cold, and do experiments on the insulating and buoyancy effects of fat or blubber. They also determine that light colors absorb less heat, and darker colors more, by leaving ice cubes out on top of variously colored natural materials, and seeing how fast they melt on different colored backgrounds. Then they hiked down to the beach and learned about water temperature, and hiked in the woods looking for insect signs of spring, and found a very cool yellow and black pill bug. I humg out at the bird feeders, trying to get photos of some of the spring returnees as well as the year round residents.

PM: Afterwards, it's time to hit the playground with our TCHS friends for the first time this spring. It was an incredibly beautiful day! It was very hard to pry Mikro out of the park 2.5 hours later, in order to barely catch our NYC-bound train and meet up with our friends from HSNY for a performance of 46 Circus Acts in 45 Minutes at the New Victory Theater. Mikro loved the show!

Friday: Today, we're home, and will do some history, hang out in the yard, and play with the neighbor kids. Tomorrow we have a program at the library, and then we're free till Monday...

I am exhausted!

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