Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yet another reason to homeschool...

Supervised recess. Stamping out renegade games of hopscotch at a school near you!

Our society's goal seems to be turning out mindless sheep who have been controlled from birth (and before, but that's a whole 'nother rant) to the grave, with nary a second for a stray independent thought, or, heaven help our corporate masters, developing the idea that there *is* a choice, if we don't abdicate it.

By all means, have monitors to keep the bullies from running rampant. Provide the coach to teach games and sportsmanship to the kids who are interested. But tell her to lay off the renegade hopscotch crowd, the bookworms, the cloud watchers, and the like, unless they are brawling, for goodness' sake. (But then, those introverts and rebels are dangerous to the central guiding principle of the disaster that is our public education sector today-- producing identical numbed out cogs with zero self esteem and creativity, who won't question the robber barons' right to control our destinies. They must be assimilated into the mind dead collective.)

Don't kids deserve any time when they are not under someone's dominance and control to relax and just be themselves?

"There is no choice" sounds a little too "Ordnung muss sei" for me. The Nanny State has jumped the shark and started goosestepping. Maybe they should change the name from "No Child Left Behind" to "We are the Borg. Resistance is futile." You will be made into a servile groupthink sheep who fits in the prescribed box, or we'll pathologize and medicate you into submission, or hire a drill sergeant to whip you into unquestioning obedience...

No thanks! This is why we're educational DIY'ers.*** My kid will not be taught *not to think for himself.*

***(DIY'er = Do It Yourself-er.)

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