Friday, March 19, 2010

A T Rex Named Sue at Liberty Science Center

Dino Boy *needed* to see Sue the T Rex at Liberty Science Center, so Kev took a vacation day and off we went to New Jersey. When we arrived, there was a live science demo just starting, so Mikro participated in Sub Zero and learned about liquid nitrogen. We had to leave in the middle, because we had tickets to the 3D movie Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia.

Next, it was off to see the big bones. Along with a life sized cast of Sue, there were lots of stations about her anatomy and physiology. Mikro got to play with how her jaws worked, see how much range of motion she had in her funky little forearms, and check out the differences in vision between predator (T Rex) and prey (Triceratops):

Next, it was off to our Hudson Home, and a live science demo on buoyancy.

Then we stopped at Infection Connection, where Mikro got to play doctor and diagnose a patient, and design viruses and bacteria on a computer station (one of his favorite activities!)

Then it was on to the Skyscraper! exhibit, where we saw steel from the World Trade Center, built a skyscraper with blocks, and checked out other kids walking the high steel. Mikro said he will do this next time. (He's the kind of kid who has to watch first, absorb, and then try something new himself.)

Then off to Energy Quest and some fun with wind power:

One last look at Sue, and it was time to hop back on the light rail to go home. I think the light rail was almost as much a hit as Sue! Boys and trains...

We stopped in Hoboken for pizza at Rome Pizza (well, Mikro had hummus and bread sticks...) which was as good as pizza from my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, a high compliment in my book! Mikro liked the Roman soldier in pizza apron.

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Mary said...

Glad you and your family enjoyed your visit to Liberty Science Center. What great pics you took!

You should check us out on facebook where you can share you photos and learn all about what's happening at the Center.