Friday, March 19, 2010

Yard Schooling

On a day like Friday, there is no way we would be caught indoors! We dragged our homeschooling paraphenalia outside, set up some folding chairs behind the Blue Beast (my car), and used the driveway as a chalkboard. There was time for reading about ancient Egypt, practicing handrwriting, disecting a crocus, and drawing pictures of spring flowers, and for bubbles, and building, and pterodactyl gliders and fun with the neighbor kids after they got home. I can't imagine a nicer spring day.

Our recent reads:

And we visited the Online Hieroglyphics Translator, which lets you translate text into hieroglyphs.



Dinosaur (at Mikro's insistence!):

And here's the alphabet:

Make your own hieroglyphs here!


Lisa said...

there's nothing like yard schooling!! this weather has made us spend more and more time in our yard! looks like you had a great day!
happy spring

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I love outside school!