Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour Update

Things I learned tonight:

  • Mikro can't pronounce Smores. He calls them Morschts.

  • My kid will eat all his broccoli if bribed with Morschts.

  • Making a fire is not as easy as I thought... and keeping it going in the windy weather is near imposible.

  • My neighbors must all think we are weirdos for standing out in the 30 something degree weather attempting to make Morschts in the chiminea...

  • I don't think anybody else in our neighborhood did Earth Hour. Sigh.

  • You can microwave Morschts (after Earth Hour ended at 9:30, of course...)

This is the first time Mikro has ever had (vegan, GFCF) marshmallows. We also toasted some, and he loved them. But what he enjoyed most was getting mom & dad to tell stories about the prehistoric days (you know, our childhoods!)

1 comment:

Carol said...

Prehistoric days...good one. You mean way back when there was not TV or computer to waste time on..and campfires were one of the fun things you did? LOL