Friday, March 19, 2010

Fraunces Tavern and the American Revolution

We returned to Fraunces Tavern Museum with our homeschool group, and saw the anastatic facsimile of the Declaration of Independence (made by direct contact impression from the original, using an acidic solution which damaged the original and caused it to fade. Only 2 anastatic facsimiles were made.)

We also saw many paintings depicting events of the American Revolution and learned about the Molly Pitchers, drummer boys, the Minutemen, Israel Putnam and the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Quartering Act and how Lydia Darrow, who had soldiers quartered in her home, was able to eavesdrop and pass along valuable intelligence to George Washington.

We also learned about the history of Fraunces Tavern and its owner, Samuel Fraunces, and visited The Long Room, where the Sons of Liberty held meetings and where George Washington said farewell to his officers.

The kids got to handle various colonial artifacts like pewter plates, a tin lantern, a toddy stick, powder horn, sugar snips, and feather quills and learn about how they were used. It was a really fun trip!

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