Monday, March 8, 2010

Pre-Dynastic Egypt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here are some photos from our expeditions to the Met. This first bunch is from the pre-dynastic period. Fun pottery shapes, and animal figurines.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chele: As you are always on top of what's going on I'm sure you know this but I figured I'd let you in on it just in case you hadn't heard yet. King Tut's Tomb is coming to NYC for the last time EVER! I remember seeing this in 1976 (WOW am I old!) and I never forgot it. Apparently, the King will not be joining the exhibit but many other things in the tomb will be on display and it will be interactive. It will be at that new place in Times Square - Discovery, or something like that. Anyway, thought I'd share.
Best, Joy